December 30, 2020

Performance measures of a livable city

The performance of the city shall be both measurable and felt. Thus we need to agree on a broad set of criteria comprising indicators and performance measurements so that the efficacy of the strategies once implemented could be evaluated. Generic outcomes like livable city, pleasant and clean environment shall be replaced with objective criteria – achieving an environment sustainability index of x in India by the year 20xx, wastewater services provided to 100% of the population, timely and efficient redressal system for customer grievances and complaints etc. Some of the indicators are:

Indicators/performance measures

  • Competitiveness – ability to generate and sustain employment for the citizens
  • Eco friendly – green area development including lakes and gardens
  • Gender sensitive
  • Traffic hassle free
  • Housing and shelter
  • Availability of utilities – electricity, water, sanitation, and storm water drain network
  • Employment
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Safety and security
  •  Affordable cost of living
  • Tourist friendly 
  • Technology savvy

The development process shall focus on outcomes that are measurable and achievable over a reasonable period of time. The outcomes shall then be expanded to outputs and goals with clear milestones and targets.

Briefly the outcomes that are adopted for revamping an existing city redevelopment program are the following:

  1. Universal Access to citizen services
  2. Financial Management & System modernization
  3. Financial self-sustainability
  4. Citywide framework for planning & governance
  5. Efficient urban land management
  6. Social customs and cultural fabric
  7. Environmental sustainability through nature aided programs
  8. Improved transparency and accountability

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