December 3, 2020

Urban Living – Infuse Intelligence

What is necessary to transform any metropolitan human habitat into an intelligent city? The objectives derived from the desire to elevate the quality of life of the citizens and providing a business friendly environment in the city drive the whole strategy. For data/information to be at the heart of the city’s existence, all participants must share in the execution of the vision. The building blocks of infrastructure can be built or re-organized based on well specified requirements. To make it all possible, a sound structural and resource plan is necessary. Reliable and competent partners can be chosen to execute the projects that create those building blocks. Above all, an institutional mechanism to own, evolve and execute the strategy is absolutely necessary. The people who understand, interpret and disseminate the philosophy of the city would make all the difference.

The idea of an intelligent city is inherently multi dimensional and involves inter-disciplinary efforts. The acceptance, intellectual capacity of citizens and businesses, participation of local and national governments as well as non governmental organizations are all equally important. However, the initiative itself must be sponsored and promoted from within government. It must be executed by an organization whose operations and objectives are aligned with that of government. 

The key to success is thus ownership, accountability and a spirit of achievement.

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