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Performance measures of a livable city

The performance of the city shall be both measurable and felt. Thus we need to agree on a broad set of criteria comprising indicators and performance measurements so that the efficacy of the strategies once implemented could be evaluated. Generic outcomes like livable...

Urban Living – Public Vs Personal Transport

In terms of public policy considerations, one question that arises is how the vehicular population should be controlled, to reduce congestion and pollution. In order to ensure good mobility, should we encourage personal vehicles to grow as they are doing now (by...

Nature based solutions

Are solar power and wind mills counted as nature based solutions? Though they use natural resources for electricity generation they are not strictly considered nature based solutions, in spite of their supposedly less damaging effect. Whatever interferes with the flow...

Urban living – Create and Enrich Lung Space

Clean Air to breathe, taken for granted for decades, has now become a much sought after commodity Given the activities of modern living, there is enormous clutter gathered around us over time, with our unconscious permission. They present us with a near demonic...

Urban Living – Infuse Intelligence

What is necessary to transform any metropolitan human habitat into an intelligent city? The objectives derived from the desire to elevate the quality of life of the citizens and providing a business friendly environment in the city drive the whole strategy. For...

Urban Living – New Perspectives and Practices

If we can acknowledge that sharing resources, and trading currency in smiles are sufficient indicators of long-term sustainable bliss, then there is hope and purpose in new urban living. The tide appears to be changing already: with the effective and...